Exploration of Colour

Collage 2017 Paper A2

Landscape of a Mountain 2016 Water Colour A3

Portrait 2016 Oil Pastels A4

Tissue Collage of my Mum 2017 Paper A2

Portrait of my Mum 2017 Acrylic Paints A2

Landscape of Bishops 2016 Acrylic A4

Stippling by Seurat 2016 Oil Pastels A5

The Slave Ship by William Turner 2018 Coloured Chalk A4

Portrait of David Hockney Oil Pastels 2018 A3

Drawing From Stereoscope Graphite Pencil and Blue Coloured Pencil 2018 A4

Drawing of Stationery and a Phone with a Picture of a Dog Coloured Pencils 2017 A3